London Street Art



Find the User is a new Street Art Project.
It is inspirited from the way our society communicates.
Our team is full of ideas how to develop the Project and make it benchmark on the streets of London.
We are working with tight budget, so this is a request to all individuals/companies who are interested of Art.
Every little or big contribution will help to keep Find The User alive and reach more people. In exchange we can offer:

Announcing you/your company as a sponsor of the Project.
Uploading your logo and information about you/your business on our website and facebook page.
If you're London based a sculpture/s part of the project could be installed next to your office or even inside.(photos will be uploaded on the website)

 If you want to contribute please get in touch using the contact form on the website or on

Tell us what do you think and we will be back very soon!

Part of our ideas.
We accept Find The User as a Street/Pop Art. Our aim is to get with it into all aspects of life.
As it's already said the faceless sculptures are a fields for the imagination, they can be filled with everything you like.
It is working the same way with the whole concept, the Project could turn into everything. From pure art form to a functional object.
 At the moment the main action is on the streets of London and on-line. We have an idea for an indoor installation, so this is one of the points we are looking for sponsorship.
Another idea is the Project to spread across Europe and why not beyond. We will try to get in touch with people abroad who wish to see some of our sculptures on the streets of their cities.

 There are still more to come...